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% Catalyst addition: Grams per Kg used resin or pool-coat

Kilogram (resin/pool-coat) 1% Catalyst 1.5% Catalyst 2% Catalyst
0.5kg 5g 7.5g 10g
1kg 10g 15g 20g
1.5kg 15g 22g 30g
2kg 20g 30g 40g
2.5kg 25g 37g 50g
3kg 30g 45g 60g
4kg 40g 60g 80g
5kg 50g 75g 100g
10kg 100g 150g 200g
25kg 250g 375g 500g

*This chart is extended as a basic guide and recommendations are made without warranty.


PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT fiberglass when the ambient temperature is below 15°C as it will result in under curing of product.

All Resins including, Pool-coat must be catalyzed with catalyst/hardener before use.  This will initiate the curing process. The minimum quantity of catalyst is 1% of the weight of the resin or pool-coat being used and the maximum is 3%.

Thus, if the level of the catalyst is too low the lining will not adequately cure and water, chemical and weather resistance will not be fully developed.

Stir the catalyst in thoroughly – ideally 30 mixes to the left and 30 mixes to the right.  The hardening process begins immediately so only catalyze a working quantity or your mixing container will soon be full of solidified resin.

Once catalyzed the resin it will gradually cure taking on a jelly-like consistency in about 10 – 15 minutes, before becoming hard in about 30 – 40 minutes at room temperature (about 20°C).  The curing process generates heat within the resin.  Best to do your mixing in stages to prevent material loss.

Care should be taken to protect un-gelled and freshly gelled surfaces from rain and dew.  Contact with moisture at this stage can be the cause of white, water marks on the surface of the pool-coat.

IMPORTANT: the pool must not be filled with water until the pool-coat has fully cured.  At least 5-6 days in summer and 7-10 days in the winter


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